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How should I dose my marijuana edibles?

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It depends on how many mg of THC is in the edible. If you are a relatively new consumer of cannabis and if you are trying to not get too high from an edible, a good beginning dosage is between 1 and 5 mg of THC per dose. We recommend our microdose gummies, which are 5 mg of THC a gummy, for our light and first-time consumers. We always recommend taking the lowest dose for your tolerance even if it means dividing an edible.

Remember it takes anywhere from 20 to more than 75 minutes, depending on if you have just eaten a meal, for edibles to take effect. If you are a new consumer, we recommend waiting at least 2 hours after you have consumed your first edible before taking a second dose.  

Dancing Goat Gardens carries a variety of edibles from gummies to chocolate bars and brownies. With our edibles, please make sure to calculate the desired dose correctly by double-checking the THC % on the label. Connect with your budtender to learn how to determine the right edibles and dosages for you.

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