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Know more about cannabis, processes, and the culture that affect consuming and enjoying cannabis in Montana and the US.

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We think Ariana at Weed Tube does an outstanding job of covering the cannabis scene in both Montana and beyond. Check out her Weed Tube channel for reports across Montana and the U.S. 

Montana Cannabis Weekly

Steve Zabawa's self-absorbed war on weed

Next Tuesday, June 7, Yellowstone County will vote—again—on whether to allow marijuana businesses within county lines...

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Our Favorite Outdoor Growing Guru

Kevin Jodrey

Kevin Jodrey is a master cultivator and cannabis cultivation specialist that has helped to champion living soil and perfect how to grow and cure cannabis. Learn from the master grower about the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation and sustainable practices in the cannabis industry.

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Trichome Institute develops high-quality courses and industry-recognized certifications that every cannabis consultant at DGG receives.

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Team Selections to Help You Grow

The Dancing Goat Gardens team are all cannabis experts in their own way. Learn more about cannabis with us from these team selections.

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