2145 South Avenue West, Missoula
406.420.6979 (text/call)

Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm
Saturday, 12pm - 7pm



2385 US HWY 2 NE, Havre

406.399.0356 (call)

Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm
Saturday-Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Online Ordering

Easily find what you want with convenient shopping.

We paired premium alternative medicine and irresistible (and potent) treats and snacks with the convenience of online shopping and text message notifications. Just text "hello" to (406) 420-6979. You will receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup.

Curbside Pickup

Pickup when you are ready with curbside service.

Drive-up or bike-up. Once you arrive, call or text "pickup" to (406) 420-6979 and we will come out to you with your order. Pickups are Monday - Friday from 10am-7pm. Saturdays we offer pickup from 12pm-7pm.

Deal Alerts

Get deal alerts delivered to your phone or inbox.

Receive text message alerts about flash sales and last minute deals happening in the online shop. Get the latest from the garden and kitchen on new products in our email updates.

Get text and email updates

Be the first to know about deals and new items coming from our kitchen and garden.

Organically Grown

Grown with organic processes and super soils.

Our expert growing team has years of farming and cultivation experience. They've created super soils which provide plants with easily available nutrients, mimicking the root conditions in nature.

Safety First

Stay protected during the pandemic.

Your safety is important to us. Each staff member wears protective coverings with regular use of hand sanitizing solution during order filling and including before and after transactions.

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