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A Selection of the Best Montana Cannabis Products

“Very personable staff, with useful product knowledge and admirable patience. The Montana Silvertip Live Rosin vape cartridge is a must try if you stop in.”


"A cross of Sunset Sherbet and Royal Kush, Queen’s Candy is an indica-leaning hybrid, but I love its buzzy and mildly cerebral effects on the front end just as much as the tranquility that follows."


“Outdoor is KING. Your company is gangster I love it 🔥🙌 #natureheals the sun's vibrations CANNOT be replicated...nothing beats sungrown marijuana. 😍”


“The Banana Pie Papaya is my overall favorite with a banana/pineapple flavor with an uplifting high. All the staff is very friendly and accommodating to find the right strain.”


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Great Cannabis Starts in the Earth

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Where Cannabis Meets Regenerative Agriculture

At Dancing Goat Gardens, we take pride in our outdoor cannabis and sustainable cultivation practices using regenerative agriculture. These practices result in superb marijuana flower and a happier Montana environment.

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Marijuana grown in the soil under the Sun 

Our cannabis is grown in local Montana soils of significance using organic methods for quality and freshness. Our farm nestled in the Missoula Valley is full of life and love. From raising goats to chickens, cannabis, and more, our people, animals, and crops work together to keep the land and soil happy and full of nutrients.

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Dancing Goad Gardens Farm Goats.

Dancing Goat Gardens
Montana Dispensaries

Dancing Goat Gardens local marijuana dispensaries are located throughout Montana. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality green cannabis across the state.

Dancing Goat Partners

Dancing Goat Gardens is proud to partner with Montana’s best cannabis-related businesses, working together to offer a one-of-a-kind selection.

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Dancing Goat Gardens IS Education

Cannabis is a beautiful and complex plant. Dancing Goat can be your ambassador to quality marijuana as you become a cannabis connoisseur. 


With varying amounts for each strain, terpenes are what give cannabis its smell, flavor, and effects.


Dancing Goat uses sustainable and solvent-free methods to produce products like marijuana flower, concentrates, vapes, and edibles.


There are over 100 different cannabinoids found throughout the cannabis species and every strain produces different amounts of each cannabinoid making each strain unique.

Effects and Uses

Cannabis affects you differently than the next person and between cannabis products and strains. More than just THC is at work in your body and mind.

Dancing Goat Gardens logo icon of a green goat standing on its hindlegs. Dancing Goat Gardens logo icon of a green goat standing on its hindlegs.

The Montana Cannabis GOAT