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Our Growing Story

Dancing Goat Gardens exists because we care about spreading the joy of cannabis that has been grown with ethical, sustainable practices.

Two rows of cannabis vegetating. Dancing Goat Gardens owner with their horse.

We Started with Humble Beginnings...

The DGG team has come far from our first small grow in 2018. Years later, it is our dedication to education, growth, and refinement that has built Dancing Goat Gardens into what it is today.

We Have a Mission

At Dancing Goat Gardens we grow our cannabis under Montana sun and in Montana soil. Our mission is to challenge society to rethink the way cannabis should be grown and ignite a regenerative agricultural revolution. We cultivate in harmony with nature, and foster a community of shared knowledge to strengthen the health and vitality of our environmental and social ecosystems. We believe these practices not only produce a more potent and distinctive product, but are essential for building resilience for the future.

More than a Small Farm in Rural Montana

We love our job providing farm-to-table cannabis grown as natural as plants can be, under the sun and grown using regenerative farming practices. We grow our plants as close to an organic methodology as we can. We also raise animals and grow other crops all to help benefit our cannabis operation and promote mixed biodiversity on the farm.

Dancing Goat Gardens Farm Goats hanging out on wooden spool.Dancing Goat Gardens pigs.
Farm dog with fan leaf on head.

Regenerative Farming Meets Cannabis Cultivation

Regenerative agriculture describes farming practices that reverse climate change by restoring degraded soil biodiversity. Regenerative farming surpasses organic agriculture requirements.

Our growing methods

Premium Marijuana Products

We believe the best cannabis products start with the best marijuana flower in Montana. It's why we grow using regenerative farming methods in native soils. After harvest, our cannabis can then be processed into a variety of concentrates and edibles.

Start Your Cannabis Journey at Dancing Goat

At all of the Dancing Goats Gardens dispensary locations we offer a unique cannabis shopping experience. Our employees are uniquely trained to help you find the right cannabis strains for you at each of our Montana dispensaries in Missoula, Havre, and Seeley Lake.

Our cannabis products


Dancing Goat Gardens team planting cannabis plants in the outdoor cannabis grow

Our Family, Dedicated to Your Cannabis Experience

Dancing Goat Gardens would be nothing without our unique team of cannabis professionals-- all passionate about providing the best cannabis experience possible, right here in Montana.

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Check out select products from some of our very favorite cannabis partners. We have cannabis-infused topicals and tinctures, premium concentrates, and more. 

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