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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent September 1, 2020

NEW Concentrates: Badder and 3 New Cart Flavors

Last week we announced our first Premium Live Rosin cartridge made with our fresh frozen Ice Cream Cake flower.

So far, they have been a huge hit with customers loving the taste and effect.

3 New Flavors

Today, we are announcing three additional Premium Live Rosin cartridge flavors: Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Montana Silvertip.

The quality of these cartridges have blown our socks off. Each batch has turned out amazing terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing a flavorful and potent experience.


Today, we’re very excited to announce our Premium Live Rosin Badder. Our first batch is made with fresh-frozen Dark Plasma flower and it is clean and potent.

Our Premium Live Rosin Badder is made with the same solvent-less and gass-less process as our Premium Live Rosin Cartridges guaranteeing a clean delicious flavor and potent effect.

We have made 0.25 gram ($30) and 0.5 gram ($60) quantities of our Dark Plasma Premium Live Rosin Badder available.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent June 26, 2020

1oz Daily Limit Back in Effect, Physician Statement Renewals Not Required Through July 30th

Hello Goat Herders!

Governor Steve Bullock released a directive June 18th, clarifying further changes made to the Montana Medical Marijuana program during the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the full directive here, but the broad strokes for our patients and customers are the following:

  • Daily purchasing limits return to 1oz per day
  • Medical Card renewals made through July 30th will not require a new physician’s statement

We recommend that all patients take advantage of the renewal period that extends through July 30th to save on any costs associated with obtaining a new recommendation from a physician.

Dancing Goat Gardens will continue to monitor the state’s response to the pandemic and to any changes that occur to the Montana Medical Marijuana Program.

Kim, Jay, Taylor, Paul, Roy, Scott, and Sarah

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 29, 2020

Saturday Walk-in Hours Now Available

As we continue to monitor the SARS-CoV-2 virus / COVID-19 disease outbreak in the State of Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens has decided to cautiously re-open our doors on Saturdays from 12 – 4:20pm starting this Saturday. Pickup hours will continue, Monday through Friday, from 10am – 7pm.

We appreciate the patience, trust and flexibility that out patients have demonstrated regarding how we provide medicine to our patients.

We miss seeing all of you in the store, but encourage continued use of our online and text ordering systems with curbside pick-up in order to keep you, our other patients, and our staff safe.

Visitor Protocols

To ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff, we have developed a protocol for patients who visit us on Saturdays:

  • If you have recently traveled out of Missoula or have experienced any symptoms of illness within the past 14 days we ask that you self-quarantine and wait to visit the store.
  • Staff will assist one person at a time in the store. Visitors will be asked to wait in a designated area.
  • Employees and visitors will be required to wear a face covering while visiting Dancing Goat Gardens and must follow all posted safety instructions.
  • Staff are required to use hand sanitizer following each cash transaction.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the store for visitor and staff use.
  • The on-site ATM will be available. Staff will disinfect the keypad and surfaces after each transaction.
  • Restrooms will be reserved for Staff use only.
  • Staff will practice frequent handwashing, sanitizing of work areas, and sanitizing of cash register and counter areas before assisting each visitor.
  • Dancing Goat Gardens will not accept returns during this period.
  • Nug jars will be on display but we ask that visitors do not touch or open the jars.
  • Staff have received training on COVID-19 prevention practices.

Our staff training, cleaning, and visitor protocols were developed from guidance issued by the Retail Industry Association. We are actively working to ensure robust health and safety protocols to protect our you and our staff, and to stop the spread of the virus so Missoula avoids a resurgence of COVID-19 in our community.

Thanks for your continued patience and for being a patient at Dancing Goat Gardens.

Kim, Jay, Taylor, Roy, Paul, Sarah

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 15, 2020

Tuesday and Wednesday Curbside Pickup Windows Added, Hours Expanded

Hi, Goat Herders.

As businesses slowly open their doors to the public, Dancing Goat Gardens has decided to expand our available curbside pickup windows to Monday-Friday from 10am – 7pm. Saturday pickup is available from 12pm – 4:20pm.

Order online or via text anytime and get your order at a curbside pickup window that is convenient for you. You can choose your curbside pickup window during online checkout.

Following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dancing Goat Gardens will continue providing curbside service to patients. We are continually reviewing the safety and efficacy of opening the store’s physical location and will do so when we are confident we are not exposing our more at-risk patients’ health and survival.

For now, you can always shop online.

Please stay tuned as we monitor the situation. Thank you to all of our patients for your amazing kindness and grace as we all navigate this situation together.

Kim, Jay, Roy, Taylor and Paul

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 9, 2020

Saturday pickup window starts today

For our patients who missed our announcement last week, Saturday pickup is now available starting today. Place an order online or via text and stop by between 12pm-4:20pm today for pickup. Enjoy the beautiful weather! 🐐🌞

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 7, 2020

Untethering comes June 2nd, The Goat Herd closes to new patients May 15th

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services just announced that untethering will be coming, June 2nd.

This means Montanan Medical Marijuana Program cardholders will no longer be tethered to a single provider or dispensary. Cardholders will be able to purchase from any provider or dispensary in the state starting June 2nd.

This is great news for the longevity of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program and great news for patients and dispensaries alike.

Given that patient tethering to a single provider will end June 2nd, we will be closing new patient memberships into our popular loyalty program, The Goat Herd starting May 15th.

If you are already a patient, good news: you’re already in The Goat Herd. For Life. You have been enjoying 15% of all controlled products and a $25 credit on your birthday, in addition to exclusive deals for members of The Goat Herd throughout the year.

With The Goat Herd closing to new patients, now is a great time to earn a $50 referral credit by getting a friend to join The Goat Herd before lifetime membership closes May 15th.

Thank you for choosing to being a patient at Dancing Goat Gardens and for being a loyal member of The Goat Herd. 🐐

Kim, Jay, Roy, Taylor, and Paul

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 4, 2020

Saturday Pickup Now Available

To provide additional opportunities for patients to pickup medication at their convenience, we will be adding Saturday pickup service from 12pm-4:20pm. The pickup option is now available in the checkout dropdown on our website.

Thank you for being a patient with Dancing Goat Gardens. 🐐

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent April 4, 2020

ALERT: Purchase Limits and Card Renewals Changes from the State

The Department of Public Health and Human Services which administers the Montana Medical Marijuana Program has published a new directive from the Governor’s office in the light of COVID-19. The directive includes changes to how patients will renew their card and also changes to purchase limits for the duration of the emergency.

Patient Renewals Will Not Require a New Recommendation

As a temporary measure, the State will allow current Montana Medical Marijuana Program patients (and by extension, Dancing Goat Gardens patients) to renew their Montana Medical Marijuana Program card without a new recommendation from a physician. New patients can receive their recommendation via telemedicine.

“Current registered cardholder renewals will not require an updated physician’s statement. Renewals will be approved for the same time period as the previous physician’s statement. Montanans who are not currently registered can obtain a physician’s statement via telemedicine.”

Governor Steve Bullock

Dancing Goat Gardens will continue to work with patients to renew their Montana Medical Marijuana Program cards. Please reach out to us if you have issues renewing. We can help you renew your card remotely.

Daily Purchasing Limits are Suspended, Monthly Limit Still in Effect

To allow patients who are self-isolating the opportunity to pickup their monthly allotment of 5oz without additional risk of exposure, the State has temporarily suspended the daily purchasing limit of 1oz. Patients may purchase their entire monthly limit of 5oz. Monthly limits will still be enforced.

“Registered Cardholder daily purchase limits are suspended but monthly purchase limits remain in effect. Registered cardholders may purchase and possess their entire monthly purchase limit at one time.”

Governor Steve Bullock

We will have flower available for all of our patients who wish to purchase more than 1oz a day and we will be adjusting our online ordering menu to accommodate this rule as well.

If you have any questions about these rules, please reach out and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Kim, Jay, Roy, Taylor, and Paul

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent March 14, 2020

Local Dispensary Takes Action to Protect Its Patients from the Coronavirus


Jay Bostrom
Dancing Goat Gardens
[email protected]

Local Dispensary Takes Action to Protect Its Patients from the Coronavirus
Dancing Goat Gardens owner Jay Bostrom says the time is now for urgent and proactive action that limits contact.

Missoula, MT: With the first four cases of the Coronavirus being confirmed in four different counties in Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens, has decided to take urgent action to protect itself and its patients. Implementing safety protocols, limiting its store hours, changing to pharmacy-style pick-up or making special arrangements with some of its patients and educating their clientele about the risks of infection are just a few of the ways Dancing Goat Gardens are trying to address the global pandemic.

Yesterday, shortly after learning about the four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yellowstone, Silver Bow, Lewis and Clark, and Gallatin counties, Dancing Goat Gardens went into action to address the rapidly spreading and dangerous global pandemic. Store owner Jay Bostrom explained the reasoning behind their decision to not wait for a deeper crisis to force reaction, “The earlier you take action, the less time you wait, the fewer people get infected. Isn’t this a desirable outcome for our at-risk loved ones?”

The World Health Organization is estimating the current rate of infection in the United States to be doubling every two days, Bostrom believes “urgent and proactive action that limits contact is about protecting the well-being of our patients and ourselves.” He stressed the importance of maintaining access to medical cannabis. “We know our patients would suffer without access, so we will continue to serve them in the safest ways possible.”

To address the impacts of the arrival of the Coronavirus to Missoula, Dancing Goat Gardens is attempting to communicate with its patients via email and phone the actions they are taking. “We are adopting a pharmacy-style pick-up after our patients contact us online or by phone. We are also limiting the number of days we will be available for pick-up from six days per week to just Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Additionally, we are making special arrangements with the most vulnerable of our patients,” said Bostrom.

Bostrom laments the failures of our infrastructure to prepare, educate and take action in times of crisis, “It’s a shame small businesses like ours are left to figure out how to survive a potentially disastrous crisis like this, but worse still is the lack of leadership and resources our community can rely on to mitigate tragedy.”

About Dancing Goat Gardens: Dancing Goat Gardens is a Medical Cannabis and CBD Dispensary located in Missoula, Montana. Founded in 2018, Dancing Goat Gardens provides high-quality, lab-tested medical cannabis and CBD products to people throughout Western Montana.