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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent November 9, 2020

Sour Diesel and Lamb’s Breath are Back 🐐

We are continuing the release of our #Croptober Montana #soilgrownstrains and fresh harvests with Sour Diesel (22% THC) and Lamb’s Breath (16% THC). We’re also blowing out our Dark Plasma Premium Live Rosin Badder (77% THC and 5.7% total terpenes) in preparation for our #Croptober haul of fresh frozen cannabis concentrates coming shortly.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a legendary strain that became popular in the early 90’s. Thought to be a ChemDawg x Super Skunk x Northern Lights cross, this sativa dominant (90/10) hybrid is known for its euphoricenergetic and creative effects. As its name suggests, the flavor delivers lemonsdiesel and is slightly skunky as well. This round of Sour D loved growing under the Montana sun of our outdoor grow and tested at 22.1% THC.

Starting at $10/gram

Lamb’s Breath

Lamb’s Breath is a sativa strain often associated as a favorite of Bob Marley. This strain won over many Goat Herd fans in last year’s outdoor harvest for its uplifting and energetic cerebral buzz. This year’s sungrown Lamb’s Breath has tested at 16.3% THC and delivers the same positive mindset, paired with a spicylemony flavor. Despite being a sativa, it scores low on feelings of anxiety and delivers a nice body buzz. This is an ideal strain for an overcast winter day in Missoula.

Starting at $10/gram

Dark Plasma Premium
Live Rosin Badder

Dancing Goat Gardens’ Premium Live Rosin Badder is made with #freshfrozen cannabis taken through a solventless, gasless, ice water process to separate trichomes from plant material.

The trichomes, rich with cannabinoids and terpenes, are pressed and heated and taken through a curing process to perfect the consistency for dabbing (and for vaporizing).

Our Premium Live Rosin Badder is cleanpotent, and because we have preserved the terpene profiles with our fresh frozen process, your Dark Plasma badder will taste like the real thing.

77% THC
5.7% Total Terpenes

Now on sale.

Half gram (0.5g) for $35
Quarter gram (0.25g) for $20. 

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent October 14, 2020

FRESH: Dark Plasma and Montana Silvertip

Hi, Goat Herders!

Grown directly in the ground in pure 100% Dancing Goat Farm soils in Missoula, Montana, our #solgrown #croptober harvest has exceeded our expectations.

Dark Plasma produced beautiful, large, dense buds at 26% THC and 2.4% total terpenes. Montana Silvertip also left us celebrating testing in at 23% THC and 3.14% total terpenes.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the newest harvest of Dark Plasma and Montana Silvertip are now available for sale on our shelves.

These fresh harvests will blow your mind and we can’t wait for you to try them.

P.S. Be on the lookout for more #solgrown strains (currently curing) from our #croptober coming soon.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent September 16, 2020

NEW: Sugar-Free Milk Chocolates 3-Pack, 48mg/each

Hello Goat Herders!

We have a new delicious treat cooked up and available in our store and online now.

Today we are introducing our sugar-free, Keto-friendly Milk Chocolates. Each Milk Chocolate is made with sugar-free, Keto-friendly milk chocolate, infused with 48mg of THC, and sprinkled with French sea salt.

These chocolates come in packs of three and are priced at $24/pack.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent September 1, 2020

NEW Concentrates: Badder and 3 New Cart Flavors

Last week we announced our first Premium Live Rosin cartridge made with our fresh frozen Ice Cream Cake flower.

So far, they have been a huge hit with customers loving the taste and effect.

3 New Flavors

Today, we are announcing three additional Premium Live Rosin cartridge flavors: Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Montana Silvertip.

The quality of these cartridges have blown our socks off. Each batch has turned out amazing terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing a flavorful and potent experience.


Today, we’re very excited to announce our Premium Live Rosin Badder. Our first batch is made with fresh-frozen Dark Plasma flower and it is clean and potent.

Our Premium Live Rosin Badder is made with the same solvent-less and gass-less process as our Premium Live Rosin Cartridges guaranteeing a clean delicious flavor and potent effect.

We have made 0.25 gram ($30) and 0.5 gram ($60) quantities of our Dark Plasma Premium Live Rosin Badder available.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent August 26, 2020

LIMITED: Ice Cream Cake Premium Live Rosin Cartridges Now Available

Dancing Goat Gardens’ Premium Live Rosin cartridges are made with fresh frozen cannabis taken through a solventless, gasless, ice water process to separate the trichomes from the plant material.

The trichomes, rich with cannabinoids and terpenes, are pressed at low pressure and low heat and taken through a curing process to perfect the consistency for vaporizing.

Our Premium Live Rosin cartridges are clean, potent, and, because we have preserved the terpene profiles with our fresh frozen process, your Ice Cream Cake cartridge will taste and feel like the real thing.

Ice Cream Cake Premium Live Rosin Cartridges tested in at 75% THC with nearly 6% terpenes. The dominant terpene in this production batch was caryophyllene, which has demonstrated efficacy in helping to reduce inflammation.

Every Dancing Goat Gardens Premium Live Rosin cartridge features a ceramic heating apparatus free from heavy metals and toxins.

Grab one of these delicious and potent Ice Cream Cake cartridges from our limited run.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent August 18, 2020

NEW: Uplifting Queens Candy and Rosaberry 1:1

We have two new flower strains that we know you’re going to love.

Queens Candy

We are very excited about adding a limited run of Queens Candy to Dancing Goat’s strain lineup. Queens Candy comes to us from Emerald Mountain Legacy, a Northern California company dedicated to preserving the work of legendary breeder Mack Anderson, aka Mandelbrot/Ras Truth. If you have enjoyed our Royal Kush, you have already appreciated Mandelbrot’s work. Queens Candy is an indica dominant hybrid of Mandelbrot’s Royal Kush and Sunrise Sherbet. The buds have a pronounced diesel smell and deliver a taste profile that includes diesel, vanilla and berries. On the terpene side, this is a limonene dominant strain, a terpene that many people associate with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities. Queens Candy delivers an uplifting cerebral mindset paired with full body relaxation. Our limited run on this strain is sure to sellout, so enjoy this while you can.


Rosaberry is a 1:1 THC (9%)/CBD (7%) strain that is a cross between AC/DC and Blueberry F4. It has a floral and berry scent with a sweet flavor and a high that creates focus and calm. You will be relaxed, but ready to get things done. Rosaberry is ideal for daytime use. 

Grab some our new strains and let us know what you think. We will see you soon!

— Dancing Goat Gardens team

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent August 10, 2020

Pre-Ground Oz Deals, Upcoming Products, and Recycling is Back

Hi Goat Herders!

Happy Monday! We’ve got some great updates for all of our flower and edibles lovers.

Pre-Ground NYC Diesel, Candy Cane up to 50% off

This week, we have Pre-Ground NYC Diesel and Pre-Ground Candy Cane heavily discounted as we prepare for our summer harvest. Get a great deal on an ounce:

Get 1oz of Pre-Ground NYC Diesel (11.5%) for $93.80 $46.90.

Get 1oz of Pre-Ground Candy Cane (15.6%) for $93.80 $70.35.

New Microdose Gummy Flavor

Today we are announcing a new flavor we have added to our extremely popular 5mg Microdose Gummies: Watermelon.

Each flavor in our microdose pack is made with Jolly Rancher-flavored gelatin so now you can enjoy Watermelon in addition to our original flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Lemon.

Each pack contains 20 gummies at 5mg a piece for a total of 100mg per pack.


We are pleased to announce that we are accepting recycling again for our pop-top containers including large bottles that we have sold flower in and the plastic tubes we have sold pre-rolls in.

If you’ve been saving them up at home, bring them on down and place them in the bin near the entrance to our door.

Recycle bin for pop-top containers (flower pop-tops, pre-roll tubes)


We have a couple new strains out for testing right now including Rosaberry, Queens Candy and fresh harvests of Ice Cream Cake and Tropic Moon.

We also have some delicious treats we have been working on that we know you are going to love. Think Twix and Turtles. Here is a little preview:

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent July 27, 2020

NEW: 200mg Infused BBQ Sauce

Here in Montana, we are well into the summer season. The weather is hot, people are floating, biking, and hiking. The time is perfect to get outdoors for a barbecue.

And what is a more iconic ingredient for a BBQ than the barbecue sauce itself? Perhaps the fun?

How about THC infused barbecue sauce to help contribute a little bit of both? Yea? We’ve got something new for you:

We have taken Sweet Baby Ray’s delicious recipe and infused it with 200mg of THC olive oil. Each 9oz jar of sauce contains 200mg of THC at approximately 25mg of THC per 2 tablespoons.

This infused treat is sure to turn your barbecue into a huge success whether you slather the sauce on ribs or a porkchop or you dip chicken tenders in the jar directly!

Use discount code BBQSUMMER online to get your first jar for $20 (normally $21.50/jar). Coupon good through Friday.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent July 20, 2020

FRESH: High-Potency Brownies Back In Stock

We just finished a fresh batch of our popular High-Potency Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownies. This batch of brownies tests in at 51mg per brownie and is just as tasty, chocolatey and potent as our previous treat without the additional frosting.

Grab a delicious and potent Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie today.

Dancing Goat Gardens Sent July 13, 2020

This week: Get a Free Joint, Goat Trough additions

person rolling a paper with weed

Hello Goat Herders,

We have a few flower updates for you this week!

First, we just placed a fresh harvest of Zombie Kush on the shelves. This new harvest tests in at 15.2% with a pinene, caryophyllene, and ocimene terpene profile. The calming / balanced effect of this strain makes it perfect for daytime or after work use.

Next, we have placed our previous harvest of Zombie Kush in the Goat Trough. Also, Pennywise (1:1) and Nightingale (1:2) join previous harvest Zombie Kush, Bubba Kush, and Tropic Moon in the Goat Trough. Get a great deal on these Goat Trough items at $6/gram, $20/eighth and $35/quarter.

Lastly, while supplies last, spend $100 and get a FREE 1g THC Bomb joint. One-gram THC Bomb joint will be automatically added to carts over $100 (and less than the 1oz daily limit) at checkout.

Get great deals on flower this week with savings from Dancing Goat Gardens.

Kim, Jay, Taylor, Paul, Roy, Scott, and Sarah