Become a patient.

If you currently have your Montana Medical Marijuana Program card and would like to choose Dancing Goat Gardens as your provider, you can complete a Patient Update application with the State of Montana within your Complia account.

The application can be completed online in minutes.

Patient Update application

Complete a Patient Update application online in your Complia account.

Wait for State approval

The State will provide a temporary approval usually within minutes.

Shop Online

Use your Montana Medical Marijuana Program card details at checkout.

Completing the Patient Update application

When you create a Patient Update application inside your Complia account, most of the application will be pre-filled from your most recent Patient Registration application.

For the Provider Information section of the Patient Update application, use the following information:

Dancing Goat Gardens

2145 South Avenue West



Zip Code:

Provider Type:

Provider License Number:
Note: You are not required to upload a new photo, driver's license, or physician statement when completing a Patient Update application to switch providers.

Wait for State approval

Once your Patient Update application has been submitted, the State will grant a temporary card through email or the Complia system generally within 1 business day.

After Patient Update application approval

Once your Patient Update application has received approval (or temporary approval) from the State of Montana, you can purchase from Dancing Goat Gardens. The State will mail you an updated physical Medical Marijuana Program card usually within a week.

Shop online or place an order via text by sending "hello" to (406) 420-6979.

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