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When you become a patient at Dancing Goat Gardens you have access to an incredible variety of quality CBD, alternative medicine, an online shop for ordering and in-store pickup, and friendly, knowledgeable providers who can answer your alternative medicine questions.

Dancing Goat Gardens is your one-stop, quality CBD and alternative medicine dispensary.

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Providing our patients with the highest quality alternative medicine means balancing the latest innovations in farming and lab-testing with organic nutrients and expert growing knowledge.

Montana Grown Quality

Expertly grown in Montana and with every crop scientifically tested for quality, cannabinoid concentration, terpenes and flavor profiles.

Responsibly Grown

We combine state-of-the-art technology with natural processes and nutrients to grow the best flower in Montana.

Knowledgeable Caregivers

Expert caregivers who are ready to listen to your experience and ready to answer questions about the benefits and use of alternative medicine.

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Research the right alternative medicine product for you and reserve online for in-store pickup. Our online menu helps you learn as you browse.