Missoula Dispensary

Dancing Goat Gardens Product Descriptions

Chillum | Pipe

These chillum pipes from @specimenglass are the perfect sneak-a-toke that can fit discreetly in a purse or pocket. Each chillum has a colorized nub to keep the chillum from spinning away.

Elements | King-Size Ultra-Thin Rice Papers

Ultra-thin rice paper with no ash residue gives a long, slow burn so you can really savor your smoke sessions. Rice paper has no taste and won't give any competing flavors to dilute the distinction of your favorite strains.

Pulsar DuploCart Battery

This variable voltage thick oil vape has all the functionality you've come to expect, including 4 heat setting and 15-second pre-heat function, unique features like a magnetic magazine cartridge loading system, and the ability to fire your carts independently or simultaneously for big hits. Put twice the power in your pocket with the new DuploCart!

Purify | Bristle Cleaners

Small Pipe

Utillian 5 Bubbler

Utillian 5 Kit

Get the most flavor from your Live Rosin! This Ultra-Portable Concentrate Dab PenDurable features single-button design and the versatility of 4 voltage settings plus 2 types of coils. Use lower voltages for pure flavor (recommended for live rosin) and higher voltages for maximum vapor production.

Utillian 5: Triple Titanium Replacement Coils

Utillian 5 | Twisted Kanthal Replacement Coils