COVID-19 Coronavirus Update:
Accessing your medication.

March 15th, 2020

Dear patients,

At Dancing Goat Gardens, it is no secret that our concern for our patients’ health is baked into our vision of what we have built with your help at Dancing Goat Gardens.

As the United States continues to see an increase of COVID-19 coronavirus infections and with new infections being reported over the past two days in Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens will be taking extraordinary measures to protect you and other patients from contracting the coronavirus while providing access to the medication you need.

Until further notice, the measures include moving to pharmacy-style online ordering and phone orders only, restricting store hours and access, and providing special delivery for higher-risk populations.

We currently have and will continue to have medicine for you.

Read on for more about accessing your medication.

Read more about our concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus in our press release.


Getting your medication

To protect the health and well-being of our patients and staff, we will be implementing protocols that will go into effect Monday, March 16th and that will remain in place until further notice. The steps to getting medicine from Dancing Goat Gardens will be the following:


1) Making an order

Will be accepting pharmacy-style online menu and phone/text orders only. In order to receive medication, customers must submit orders via our online menu or via phone/text at (406) 420-6979. We will be making paper menus available for people who are do not have access to our website. We appreciate your patience as we work to make sure the online menu is complete.


Shop online for pick-up. Browse and shop our online menu of flower and edibles.

Shop Online


Text “hello” to order or to get a copy of our latest menu sent to your phone.

(406) 420-6979

2) Picking up your order

Since the dispensary will be effectively closed to the public, orders must be made via the online menu or over the phone/text at (406) 420-6979 and will be available for pickup in the following time windows:

Monday – Friday

10am – 7pm


12pm – 5:00pm

When you arrive for pickup, please call or text “pickup” to (406) 420-6979 so that we may provide curbside service.

3) Paying for your order

The ATM will not be available to withdraw cash from to limit contamination. Please arrive with cash prior to picking up your order. Hand-sanitizer will be made available for sanitizing hands after transactions.

4) Special delivery

Dancing Goat gardens will be offering a limited delivery program to patients who are unable to leave their house but require access to their medication. Please call us at (406) 420-6979 to setup a special arrangement for delivery.

Thank you for your patience

As we continue to make medicine available to you, we want to assure you that we take your health and the health of all of our patients seriously. We thank you for your patience and for your support through this trying time. We are in solidarity with the working families of Missoula, Montana, the United States and the World.

—The Dancing Goat Gardens team (and Xavi)

P.S. Xavi, our shop dog, will miss greeting all of you at the door, but he looks forward to seeing you once this has passed.