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Happy 7th Birthday, Xavi

Xavi, a big brown dog next to Jay, a man with a gray cap, sunglasses, and a gray shirt on. He's smiling next to his dog outside on the grass in front of trees blurred in the background

Xavier Ray Bostrom (“Xavi”) is seven years old today. He is genuinely Jay’s best friend. The two can rarely be found apart. Xavi loves welcoming people into all the Dancing Goat Gardens dispensaries. Even when he visits Havre people remember him. A born companion and friend, we wish our “Little Brown Buddy” a happy 7th birthday 🥳 🎂🎉🎈 🦴

Jay the human and Xavi the dog outside on a hike
Kim the human and Xavi the dog outside on a hike on a sunny day
Sarah the human smiling big with Xavi the dog
Xavi the dog outside in the green grass
Xavi the dog outside looking off into the distance
Xavi the dog laying down on a couch with eyes closed at the Dancing Goat Gardens Missoula dispensary
Younger Xavi the dog all wet running into a river
Xavi as a puppy, just a little brown dog with a funny half sleepy face

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