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Farm Report

DGG Farm Report

Dancing Goat Gardens is thrilled to have Anthony Stone in his first season as our lead cultivator at the DGG farm in Missoula.  He and his team have the plants looking healthy and happy, the progress is impressive.  We caught up with Anthony to discuss his career as a cannabis grower in Oklahoma, Michigan, Colorado and now Montana.

How did you get your start growing Cannabis?

Pulling off yellow leaves for my dad.  My dad was a grower.  He said, “Hey, pull off those yellow leaves”. My interest exploded from there.

What do you like about growing cannabis outdoors?

Being outside—I enjoy the sunlight.

What unique challenges does an outdoor grower face?

Conditions.  Just like today, it’s cloudy and wet…the humidity is high.  If I was growing inside, I could just flip on a dehumidifier.

What are the elements of a successful team in a cannabis grow?

Man….good attitude--that’s it.  With a good attitude, you can accomplish anything.  

For someone thinking about getting into cannabis cultivation, what advice would you give?

Don’t! (laughs) No, no… I’m joking….do it…give it a shot! One thing you learn….it’s not as easy as planting a seed and walking away.  I enjoy the payoff.  The fact that I took a seed or a clone and turned it into something.  Experiencing the beginning of life, to the end of a plant.

What inspires you to stay with it?

At one point, I attempted to step away from it—but nothing else felt right. Cultivation feels like what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I like that this work helps people, you know? I don’t see every case, but I know there are Vets that use cannabis for PTSD. My dad had a bad bike accident, but instead of taking pain pills, he uses gummies. My mom juices the fan leaves, and puts it in a smoothie.

You are a veteran of the Oklahoma, Michigan, and Colorado cannabis markets. Is there anything about working in Montana that feels different, or is appealing?

Oh, yes…Montana is at a different stage than those other markets.  It’s like taking a step back into something I once enjoyed.  The mom and pop feel that we have….I love that! That’s how it was, back in the day.  In more developed markets…I call that stage ‘suit and ties’…it feels so anti-cannabis.  

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