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C560 Organtics Now on Dancing Goat Gardens Shelves

Cannabis plant in the flower stage of development. Frosty white terpenes cover the plant with orange little hairs sticking out.

Chaun Emery is C560 Organtics, a local Missoula grower who we are proud to feature on our shelves.  If you’ve tried the C560 Organtics Sour OG, Sunset, Island Punch, Grease Monkey or Black Kush you’ve enjoyed the quality that Chaun strives for with every harvest. 

He loves the meditative aspect of growing and finds it therapeutic to spend time with his plants.  “It slows me down, helps me focus.  I can be having a bad day and I enter my garden and it instantly relaxes me.”

Keep relaxing my friend and DGG customers will continue to enjoy the fine flower produced in your C560 Organtics garden.

Chaun handling his cannabis plants
Chaun of C560 Organtics smiling at Dancing Goat Gardens
Close up image of a flower cannabis plant

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