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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent November 9, 2020

Sour Diesel and Lamb’s Breath are Back 🐐

We are continuing the release of our¬†#Croptober¬†Montana¬†#soilgrownstrains and fresh harvests with¬†Sour Diesel (22% THC)¬†and¬†Lamb’s Breath (16% THC). We’re also blowing out our¬†Dark Plasma Premium Live Rosin Badder (77% THC and 5.7% total terpenes)¬†in preparation for our¬†#Croptober¬†haul of fresh frozen cannabis concentrates coming shortly.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a legendary strain that became popular in the early 90’s. Thought to be a ChemDawg x Super Skunk x Northern Lights cross, this sativa dominant (90/10) hybrid is known for its euphoric, energetic and creative effects. As its name suggests, the flavor delivers lemons, diesel and is slightly skunky as well. This round of Sour D loved growing under the Montana sun of our outdoor grow and tested at 22.1% THC.

Starting at $10/gram

Lamb’s Breath

Lamb’s Breath is a sativa strain often associated as a favorite of Bob Marley. This strain won over many Goat Herd fans in last year’s outdoor harvest for its uplifting and energetic cerebral buzz. This year’s sungrown Lamb’s Breath has tested at 16.3% THC and delivers the same positive mindset, paired with a spicy, lemony flavor. Despite being a sativa, it scores low on feelings of anxiety and delivers a nice body buzz. This is an ideal strain for an overcast winter day in Missoula.

Starting at $10/gram

Dark Plasma Premium
Live Rosin Badder

Dancing Goat Gardens‚Äô Premium Live Rosin Badder is made with #freshfrozen cannabis taken through a solventless, gasless, ice water process to separate trichomes from plant material.

The trichomes, rich with cannabinoids and terpenes, are pressed and heated and taken through a curing process to perfect the consistency for dabbing (and for vaporizing).

Our Premium Live Rosin Badder is cleanpotent, and because we have preserved the terpene profiles with our fresh frozen process, your Dark Plasma badder will taste like the real thing.

77% THC
5.7% Total Terpenes

Now on sale.

Half gram (0.5g) for $35
Quarter gram (0.25g) for $20.