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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent September 1, 2020

NEW Concentrates: Badder and 3 New Cart Flavors

Last week we announced our first Premium Live Rosin cartridge made with our fresh frozen Ice Cream Cake flower.

So far, they have been a huge hit with customers loving the taste and effect.

3 New Flavors

Today, we are announcing three additional Premium Live Rosin cartridge flavors: Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Montana Silvertip.

The quality of these cartridges have blown our socks off. Each batch has turned out amazing terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing a flavorful and potent experience.


Today, we’re very excited to announce our Premium Live Rosin Badder. Our first batch is made with fresh-frozen Dark Plasma flower and it is clean and potent.

Our Premium Live Rosin Badder is made with the same solvent-less and gass-less process as our Premium Live Rosin Cartridges guaranteeing a clean delicious flavor and potent effect.

We have made 0.25 gram ($30) and 0.5 gram ($60) quantities of our Dark Plasma Premium Live Rosin Badder available.