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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent August 10, 2020

Pre-Ground Oz Deals, Upcoming Products, and Recycling is Back

Hi Goat Herders!

Happy Monday! We’ve got some great updates for all of our flower and edibles lovers.

Pre-Ground NYC Diesel, Candy Cane up to 50% off

This week, we have Pre-Ground NYC Diesel and Pre-Ground Candy Cane heavily discounted as we prepare for our summer harvest. Get a great deal on an ounce:

Get 1oz of Pre-Ground NYC Diesel (11.5%) for $93.80 $46.90.

Get 1oz of Pre-Ground Candy Cane (15.6%) for $93.80 $70.35.

New Microdose Gummy Flavor

Today we are announcing a new flavor we have added to our extremely popular 5mg Microdose Gummies: Watermelon.

Each flavor in our microdose pack is made with Jolly Rancher-flavored gelatin so now you can enjoy Watermelon in addition to our original flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Lemon.

Each pack contains 20 gummies at 5mg a piece for a total of 100mg per pack.


We are pleased to announce that we are accepting recycling again for our pop-top containers including large bottles that we have sold flower in and the plastic tubes we have sold pre-rolls in.

If you’ve been saving them up at home, bring them on down and place them in the bin near the entrance to our door.

Recycle bin for pop-top containers (flower pop-tops, pre-roll tubes)


We have a couple new strains out for testing right now including Rosaberry, Queens Candy and fresh harvests of Ice Cream Cake and Tropic Moon.

We also have some delicious treats we have been working on that we know you are going to love. Think Twix and Turtles. Here is a little preview: