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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent July 27, 2020

NEW: 200mg Infused BBQ Sauce

Here in Montana, we are well into the summer season. The weather is hot, people are floating, biking, and hiking. The time is perfect to get outdoors for a barbecue.

And what is a more iconic ingredient for a BBQ than the barbecue sauce itself? Perhaps the fun?

How about THC infused barbecue sauce to help contribute a little bit of both? Yea? We’ve got something new for you:

We have taken Sweet Baby Ray’s delicious recipe and infused it with 200mg of THC olive oil. Each 9oz jar of sauce contains 200mg of THC at approximately 25mg of THC per 2 tablespoons.

This infused treat is sure to turn your barbecue into a huge success whether you slather the sauce on ribs or a porkchop or you dip chicken tenders in the jar directly!

Use discount code BBQSUMMER online to get your first jar for $20 (normally $21.50/jar). Coupon good through Friday.