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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent June 15, 2020

Fresh Royal Kush Now Available

We are excited to announce a fresh harvest of Royal Kush to Dancing Goat Gardens’ shelves.

Our latest harvest of Royal Kush tested in at 17.6% THC with 2.2% total terpenes. This myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene dominant strain is balanced and a great selection for daytime use.

Dancing Goat Gardens Goat Herd Member, Scott, had this to say about our latest batch of Royal Kush,

“Royal Kush is excellent. It tastes great and the buzz is perfect if you’re trying to rally an evening out of a long day. It hits the intersection of happy and relaxing like few strains I’ve ever had. It’s like a Sour D / Afghan cocktail which is amazing.”

Scott, customer

Our previous harvest of Royal Kush will move to our Goat Trough. Get a great deal on our previous harvest of Royal Kush or try the new one today.