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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent June 26, 2020

1oz Daily Limit Back in Effect, Physician Statement Renewals Not Required Through July 30th

Hello Goat Herders!

Governor Steve Bullock released a directive June 18th, clarifying further changes made to the Montana Medical Marijuana program during the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the full directive here, but the broad strokes for our patients and customers are the following:

  • Daily purchasing limits return to 1oz per day
  • Medical Card renewals made through July 30th will not require a new physician’s statement

We recommend that all patients take advantage of the renewal period that extends through July 30th to save on any costs associated with obtaining a new recommendation from a physician.

Dancing Goat Gardens will continue to monitor the state’s response to the pandemic and to any changes that occur to the Montana Medical Marijuana Program.

Kim, Jay, Taylor, Paul, Roy, Scott, and Sarah