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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 7, 2020

Untethering comes June 2nd, The Goat Herd closes to new patients May 15th

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services just announced that untethering will be coming, June 2nd.

This means Montanan Medical Marijuana Program cardholders will no longer be tethered to a single provider or dispensary. Cardholders will be able to purchase from any provider or dispensary in the state starting June 2nd.

This is great news for the longevity of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program and great news for patients and dispensaries alike.

Given that patient tethering to a single provider will end June 2nd, we will be closing new patient memberships into our popular loyalty program, The Goat Herd starting May 15th.

If you are already a patient, good news: you’re already in The Goat Herd. For Life. You have been enjoying 15% of all controlled products and a $25 credit on your birthday, in addition to exclusive deals for members of The Goat Herd throughout the year.

With The Goat Herd closing to new patients, now is a great time to earn a $50 referral credit by getting a friend to join The Goat Herd before lifetime membership closes May 15th.

Thank you for choosing to being a patient at Dancing Goat Gardens and for being a loyal member of The Goat Herd. 🐐

Kim, Jay, Roy, Taylor, and Paul