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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent May 6, 2020

Pre-ground ounces of Silvertip and Candy Cane now available

As we loaded a bit of flower into our grinder to prepare it for the THCs eventual journey into our lungs, we were thinking how much more convenient it would be to have the flower pre-ground.

Being able to scoop out fresh flower from a bag directly into the bowl of a bong, vaporizer, pre-roll or pipe saves the step of having to grind some off. Pre-ground flower is also great for decarboxylating for baking.

Pre-ground flower can also be used to enhance a session with something like Dreamy Clouds or Buddha’s Hand.

Dancing Goat Gardens is pleased to announce our own Pre-ground flower available for purchase. Our Pre-ground flower is carefully prepared and packaged. The base for our Pre-ground flower is popcorn bud, not shake or trim. This high-quality flower is free of shade-leaf, trim-leaf, and stem weight.

To ensure the Pre-ground flower freshness, we are selling limited runs of Pre-ground. We have also placed a humidity pack into each of our Pre-ground ounces packages to ensure the flower stays fresh. Our most recent run of pre-ground was ground off May 2nd.

To top it all off, these Pre-ground ounces will save you money. An ounce of Silvertip is usually $230. With, Pre-ground, get an ounce of Pre-ground Silvertip for $120 after The Goat Herd discount. An ounce of Pre-ground Caddy Cane is $80 after The Goat Herd discount.