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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent April 16, 2020

Get infused balm and tinctures for $20

Our Ease Microdose Tincture, Uplift Microdose Tincture, and Relief Microdose Tincture are great ways to receive small, but therapeutic doses of THC and/or CBD. Ideal for those who want subtle body and mind effects throughout the day. If you’re looking to wind down, our Relief formulation is a 2:1 tincture with THC and CBD. Our Uplift Microdose Tincture is formulated with Pineapple Express and is great for creative tasks.

Our Infused Balm contains 318mg of THC and 147mg THCa. Formulated with either avocado oil or macadamia nut oil, this balm is great for back, muscle, and joint pain. Patients can rub this infused balm on affected sites and receive pain relief without euphoric effects.  Rubbing on the back of your neck may cause slight euphoria due to thin sheathing on blood vessels in that area.

Each tincture and our pain balm is $20 ($30 for our High-Potency Tincture) after Goat Herd discount. Discount automatically applies at checkout. Good through April 19th.