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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent April 19, 2020

All Eighths for $20

To celebrate the historic 4/20 this year, we are offering all our pre-packaged eighths for $20 starting at 12:01am on 4/20. This $20 eighths deal ends at midnight on 4/20 so don’t miss it.

Also, all 4/20 week specials will be extended to 4/20 including $100 ounces, 2 packs of sour gummies for $20, and $20 tinctures and balms.

Look out for extra goodies in your bag during pickup on 4/20.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, all eighths are $20?

Silvertip eighths? Pineapple Express eighths? Apollo 13 eighths?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Can I get multiple eighths for $20?

Of the same strain?

Does this apply to pre-packaged quarters? Halfs? Ounces?
No, just eighths.

Could I get two eighths?

Could I get eight eighths?
Yes. Definitely.

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