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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent April 4, 2020

ALERT: Purchase Limits and Card Renewals Changes from the State

The Department of Public Health and Human Services which administers the Montana Medical Marijuana Program has published a new directive from the Governor’s office in the light of COVID-19. The directive includes changes to how patients will renew their card and also changes to purchase limits for the duration of the emergency.

Patient Renewals Will Not Require a New Recommendation

As a temporary measure, the State will allow current Montana Medical Marijuana Program patients (and by extension, Dancing Goat Gardens patients) to renew their Montana Medical Marijuana Program card without a new recommendation from a physician. New patients can receive their recommendation via telemedicine.

“Current registered cardholder renewals will not require an updated physician’s statement. Renewals will be approved for the same time period as the previous physician’s statement. Montanans who are not currently registered can obtain a physician’s statement via telemedicine.”

Governor Steve Bullock

Dancing Goat Gardens will continue to work with patients to renew their Montana Medical Marijuana Program cards. Please reach out to us if you have issues renewing. We can help you renew your card remotely.

Daily Purchasing Limits are Suspended, Monthly Limit Still in Effect

To allow patients who are self-isolating the opportunity to pickup their monthly allotment of 5oz without additional risk of exposure, the State has temporarily suspended the daily purchasing limit of 1oz. Patients may purchase their entire monthly limit of 5oz. Monthly limits will still be enforced.

“Registered Cardholder daily purchase limits are suspended but monthly purchase limits remain in effect. Registered cardholders may purchase and possess their entire monthly purchase limit at one time.”

Governor Steve Bullock

We will have flower available for all of our patients who wish to purchase more than 1oz a day and we will be adjusting our online ordering menu to accommodate this rule as well.

If you have any questions about these rules, please reach out and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Kim, Jay, Roy, Taylor, and Paul