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Dancing Goat Gardens Sent March 14, 2020

Local Dispensary Takes Action to Protect Its Patients from the Coronavirus


Jay Bostrom
Dancing Goat Gardens
[email protected]

Local Dispensary Takes Action to Protect Its Patients from the Coronavirus
Dancing Goat Gardens owner Jay Bostrom says the time is now for urgent and proactive action that limits contact.

Missoula, MT: With the first four cases of the Coronavirus being confirmed in four different counties in Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens, has decided to take urgent action to protect itself and its patients. Implementing safety protocols, limiting its store hours, changing to pharmacy-style pick-up or making special arrangements with some of its patients and educating their clientele about the risks of infection are just a few of the ways Dancing Goat Gardens are trying to address the global pandemic.

Yesterday, shortly after learning about the four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yellowstone, Silver Bow, Lewis and Clark, and Gallatin counties, Dancing Goat Gardens went into action to address the rapidly spreading and dangerous global pandemic. Store owner Jay Bostrom explained the reasoning behind their decision to not wait for a deeper crisis to force reaction, “The earlier you take action, the less time you wait, the fewer people get infected. Isn’t this a desirable outcome for our at-risk loved ones?”

The World Health Organization is estimating the current rate of infection in the United States to be doubling every two days, Bostrom believes “urgent and proactive action that limits contact is about protecting the well-being of our patients and ourselves.” He stressed the importance of maintaining access to medical cannabis. “We know our patients would suffer without access, so we will continue to serve them in the safest ways possible.”

To address the impacts of the arrival of the Coronavirus to Missoula, Dancing Goat Gardens is attempting to communicate with its patients via email and phone the actions they are taking. “We are adopting a pharmacy-style pick-up after our patients contact us online or by phone. We are also limiting the number of days we will be available for pick-up from six days per week to just Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Additionally, we are making special arrangements with the most vulnerable of our patients,” said Bostrom.

Bostrom laments the failures of our infrastructure to prepare, educate and take action in times of crisis, “It’s a shame small businesses like ours are left to figure out how to survive a potentially disastrous crisis like this, but worse still is the lack of leadership and resources our community can rely on to mitigate tragedy.”

About Dancing Goat Gardens: Dancing Goat Gardens is a Medical Cannabis and CBD Dispensary located in Missoula, Montana. Founded in 2018, Dancing Goat Gardens provides high-quality, lab-tested medical cannabis and CBD products to people throughout Western Montana.